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澳门游戏厅网址:US blockchain boom in the short term block chain block heat resurfaced

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内容摘要:December 19, with the Asia-Pacific region as the center of gravity of the electronic market-making and trading platform Longfin Corp on Mond...

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December 19, with the Asia-Pacific region as the center of gravity of the electronic market-making and trading platform Longfin Corp on Monday and then soared 228.85 percent, shocked Wall Street also shocked the global market. As of December 18 when the US stock market closed, Longfin in the week from the issue price of $ 5 per share rose to 72.38 US dollars per share, the market capitalization of up to 1.16 billion US dollars, the highest reached 142.82 US dollars per share, compared with the $ 5 IPO Price rose 27 times.


According to Longfin official website information, this is a financial technology company based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, is headquartered in the United States, with global operations, mainly for small and medium enterprises, import and export foreign exchange and financial Solution, while providing cryptocurrency-based financial services through Ziddu.


Today, both Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares stabilize the upturn, the regional plate is homeopathy broke out, leading the two cities. As of press time, the sector has Royal Bank shares , Infotech , Quartet, a fine , Feitian other four stocks daily limit.


Dongxing Securities That investors should further distinguish the difference between blockchain and digital currency, more understanding of the blockchain in other industries, the application of various products, which is also all countries, all enterprises have laid out and vigorously research and development The results expected by the blockchain, optimistic about the combination of innovation and application of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies in the development process.




First blockchain company soared 330% on the third day of listing in the United States "new IPO"


December 15, the first landing Nasdaq new block chain finance company LongFin Corp (NASDAQ LFIN) stock price from $ 5 IPO price soared 330% to US $ 22 closing, the maximum rose 26 dollars. The company's market capitalization of 1.825 billion US dollars. The same day, the company announced the acquisition of, a blockchain provider operated by Singapore-based Meridian Pte Ltd, a cloud content distribution website platform. (Source: Fenghuang Wang)


Capital Boosting Blockchain Concept Stock Rising Agency Highlights 9 Potential Stocks


As humanity gradually declines in the cost of generating, acquiring, and processing information, more and more technology can support the diversion of existing business models to distributed ones. Blockchain is one of them. In recent years, blockchain technology has gained more and more widespread recognition worldwide. All major economies and major international organizations are actively exploring and advancing the blockchain technology. In China, financial institutions, Internet companies, IT companies and manufacturing enterprises are also actively involved in the R \u0026 D and application of blockchain technology, and the momentum of development is growing rapidly. (Source: Securities Daily)

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